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Cooling Systems



In  the past, cooling system upgrades mostly consisted of improving the  cooling ability of the radiator.  Now, using Bennett/Clayton design improvements, we can vastly improve the engine’s ability to deal with its heat, and thus reduce the necessity for a big radiator.  Most engines operating today would have a 20- 30 C  (20- 30 degree's) difference between the coolant going into the engine and the coolant coming out.  By reducing this difference to less than 5C (5 degree's) we can substantially improve:
1.     Fuel economy 20 – 30% is possible
2.    Power 10 – 15%
3.    Engine life up to 400% on hard working engines.

This incredibly low temperature variation is achieved by firstly increasing the bypass flow, so that hotter coolant is immediately transferred to where colder coolant would normally be.  The radiator and thermostat become a supplementary temperature control circuit, adding cooler coolant as required.

Secondly by eliminating pinpoint boiling in the cylinder head with correct flow and pressure control.  Thirdly by eliminating cavitation, at the water pump and in the cooling circuit.

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